Bee Gees Anthology

Files in MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)

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"Australia", file: 6366.mp3, size: 1.73Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Mono, Time: 14:47

"England", file: 6769.mp3, size: 1.65Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Mono, Time: 14:07

"Early 70's", file: 7074.mp3, size: 1.57Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Mono, Time: 13:26

"Rhythm & Blues", file: 7579.mp3, size: 1.74Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Time: 14:52

"The good 80's", file: 8089.mp3, size: 1.67Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Time: 14:15

"Miracles Happen", file: 9099.mp3, size: 1.74Mb, 16kbit, 8000hz, Time: 14:52

"Ellan Vannin"

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